Becoming a Future CEO

I started my online career as a Freelance Designer participating in Design competitions on 99designs without knowing literally nothing about designing ( Used to search for images in google upload it as my logo for which I was banned a few times until I learned I should not do it ) I started it so that I can support my family financially and didn’t have to always avoid my friends when they call me out for some restaurants where I have to share the cost.

Me with my Seniors attending a conference in 2015

I worked hard for Three years straight while doing my bachelor’s in Geology and used all the time improving my skills, participating in many competitions, and winning a few of them. I was averaging $200 ( ₹ 14000 ) per month, which is a good flow of cash for a college student. Freelancing was enough for me to help me pay for my College and Hostel fees. I then pursued my Master’s in Geology in 2017 and was still doing freelancing as a Designer. I came to know about my University Logo Competition at the last day, which I submitted 🙂 After few weeks I got a call that I won the competition and had a rare opportunity of getting the prize from the President of India Ram Nath Kovind. ( My parents were happy 🙂 )

Getting the prize from the President of India Ram Nath Kovind

While being in this online space I learned many tools and came to know about Appsumo and started buying Lifetime Deals. I joined many Facebook groups related to the Lifetime Deals and the official Facebook group of Appsumo. During this time I became friends with Jon Vaughn where he was doing some deals for his software. I became Facebook friends with him and there was not that much Interaction with him.

Around a year or so he did live videos of how you can become a partner in his company. I checked it out and was so much interested in the partnership. There were three entry points of monthly payments $100, $200, and $300 ( Inner Circle ). The inner-circle partnership was the most attractive one with many more benefits of higher revenue share and that was indeed a huge amount for a typical Indian. I consulted with my Father and had to think several nights to invest in it because I was only making around $200 per month on average but I still went on made arrangements for the partnership and became an Inner circle Partner in November 2018. Don’t forget that I was still doing my Masters and had to take care of my monthly expenses.

My Group Photo

So in 2019 I finished my Masters and was thinking of what to do and I was already good at Designing and Social Media Management. I joined a Co-working firm but resigned in two months as I felt that the position was not challenging for me. So I approached Jon if I can join Tieir5 because I have been watching all the live videos at the office. Already knew a most of them at Teir5 and liked them. Also, it made sense as I am already investing in the company why not join and contribute much more and not only as an Inner circle partner. So I packed everything and moved to Kolkata in November 2019.

It was easy to mingle into the environment as I knew most of all of them and they knew me too ( I used to bug them with my queries related to the Software ) I stayed in a hostel for the past 9 years from my schooling so it was easy for me to adjust to the local food here in Kolkata and their Culture 🙂 The people I have met are very friendly and accomodating which helped me a lot. The only thing I was not aware of was the Winter season here which is very cold by the way. I come from the southern part of India ( Tamil Nadu ) We never had the concept of winter, We only had two seasons. It is either rainy or it is summer but at the end of three months, I got used to the Cold weather too 🙂

Group Picture with the Tier5 Team during our Company Trip to Vizag, India

At the start of 2020, Jon asked me if I was interested in a Management role not just as a designer. I said yes and started training me as the Future CEO of Tier5. I am doing my best possible to prove myself to become CEO of Tier5. I am gaining a lot of experience. I am already learning a lot on this journey and that is the exact reason I have started this blog so that people who aspire to become a CEO can learn. This will also be a documenting process for myself to see how I am growing and what I have been learning from all of my experiences.

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Chris Evers

It’s beautiful and very inspiring.. May you be the best in your profession. Wishing you luck.

Vikas Kumar

Very inspiring bro, All the best for becoming CEO of Tier5.

K Dhanapal

Really i am very proud of you…
My heartiest wishes for becoming CEO of Tier5.


Wow loved it . Really inspiring and touching.keep writing more

Joseph Kuskie

Congrats and I enjoy working and talking to you when we can.

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