Trying to Beat Gary Vee

So I am a trainee as the Future CEO of Tier5. For any 23 year old that is one of the exciting opportunities one can expect, right? Yes, it was the same for me too. while I was excited a few thoughts came to my mind. Why me? What made me eligible for this than any other person?

This may look like self-doubt but I never doubted myself but wanted to know what was the reason for choosing me. I did have an entrepreneurial mindset and worked hard from my college times but Is it enough to be a CEO of a Million Dollar Company?

This is where our friend Gary Vee comes into the picture. I asked myself if Jon or Aunkita had a choice of choosing me or Gary Vee to become the CEO of Tier5. Their choice is always going to be Gary Vee. I know everyone will be like Isn’t that obvious you dumb kid? Even I know but something in me was furious about it.

I know Gary is worth $160 Million on the other side myself I can say that probably around .5% of his wealth.

He has taken his company $100 million a year in revenue on the other side I have generated a few thousand in my whole life from freelancing.

Yes he can be better in a lot of ways but isn’t there something I am better than him in Business? I should admit it that at this point he is a better choice for the business.

You may think that I maybe comparing it with someone else who had more experience than me so that is why he has more $$$$ than me but one thing I have understood after asking the above questions is that I have to grow, learn a lot in many ways.

Grow so much at a point if Jon or Aunkita were asked the same question of choosing in between me or Gary they should have at least a small resistance in deciding. My goal is not to beat Gary Vee that is going to take a hell lot of time to do that but it is not impossible. What I want to accomplish now is that create that resistance when they have to make a decision.

So went to my cave to squeeze this brain of me to come up with something in order to create the resistance. After weeks of brainstorming ended up in what I would call a skeleton plan in my whiteboard then elaborated into a much bigger picture. The plan will branch out and fit the pieces on it’s own moving forward.

Blurred image of the plan which I did and how it being connected with each other

The plan is being executed from yesterday and there are still more to come. Will be sharing the journey in the upcoming days as I progress more with the wins, failures, and How I am overcoming the challenges and moving forward.

Stay Tuned for the next Blog. If you are a software wizard and want to start your MRR journey you should definitely look at our partner program.

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Joseph Kuskie

This is a great post and I understand what you could be thinking as I would feel the same if I was appointed to be a company CEO. Congrats and look forward to hear more of your Journey

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