Are we building a better future?

Are we building a happy place for the next generation?

How do you want to shape the future?

What are the steps you are doing to make it come to true?

It can be in any field or in any matter. It can be in the Technological space, Agriculture, Physics, Maths,etc.. You name it. If you do not wish to contribute to any areas then you can share some love with others nearby yourself. It may be friends, family, acquaintances, or even strangers. Share some love to create a ripple effect. You will never know what the other person before you are going through.

or you are going through a bad situation reach out to your friends or family. You can reach out to me too 🙂 I will be happy to help with you 🙂 Let’s make our world a better place where the future generations will be happy to live 🙂

I have my own few selfish ambitions which I would like to work on 🙂 Will write about each one of them. These ambitions may become much stronger than it is now as the days pass by and new other ambitions may also be added.

I will be updating them here as it grows day by day 🙂 The projects are:

  • Kolkata Wala
  • Helping Hands
  • Nadi Foundation
  • Mineral Museum / Mineral Ice-cream Parlour

Will be giving a brief about the Projects below

Kolkata Wala


I have been given the opportunity to become a Future CEO of Tier5 a Software Development Firm. Keeping that in my mind I would have to spend at least the next 5 years in Kolkata. It has been around a year I have been in Kolkata and the city has provided me a lot to be with the Opportunity of becoming a CEO, the Weather ( I enjoy the rains ), Meeting amazing people, the culture, etc… My way of giving back to the city would be helping the people who are in need in Kolkata and other parts of West Bengal for the greater good.

Helping Hands

Helping Hands

Helping Hands is a program started by Jon the CEO of Tier5 to give back to the community and work out a model where an NGO can be self-sufficient on its own financially and support itself. One of our Developers made a Chrome extension called Biggest Fan helping in one of the pillars in Organic Marketing on Facebook. More than $10,000 was raised in selling the software which is entirely gonna be used for the construction of a School in Sunderban Area.

Nabi Foundation

Nabi Foundation

I will be starting Nabi Foundation focusing on Teaching Sex Education to the Grass root Levels, Difference between the good touch and bad touch, Lecturing boys to respect women, and the harmful effects of Pornography. 7 years ago I met a wonderfully strong woman in my life and came to know the harsh world women are living in this world. I am having more respect for women after meeting her by understanding a little about their world when she shared her world with me. Will provide counseling sessions by trained professionals if they are in need.

Mineral Museum / Mineral Ice Cream Parlour

Mineral Museum

Having my graduation in Geology helped me to understand that Geology is an applied science and will increase your perspective of the places you visit. By studying the earth you will be more connected with nature. I want to start a Mineral Museum or a Mineral Themed Ice Cream parlor to access the knowledge and show the wonders of Earth to the Grass root levels. This is pet project which I will execute in the longer run 🙂 You are all invited when I open it.